Client Feature: How One Woman Went From Stuck to Vibrant in One Year Flat!

I'm so excited to share with you an interview with the amazing Alicia Elba Williams.  She is one of my favorite clients to work with and the work this woman has done with her life over the last year is nothing short of kick ass and inspiring!  Here are some awesome stats from her journey over the last year.

In just one year of working together she:

  • Went from feeling stuck to being the most happy she's ever been.
  • Left her full time government job to pursue her childhood dream of opening her own cutting edge business.  (I guarantee she's a change maker to watch for the future!)
  • Became a first time home buyer.
  • Embodies a vibrant, authenticity that is both contagious and powerful.  

Listen to her sage advice of what she has learned over the last year.  I know it will be worth your time!  

Know what her advice is if you are thinking about working one-on-one with me..."Do it!  Not only, give her a call and do a consultation, prepare yourself to be the most happy and vulnerable you've ever been."

Learn more about Alicia and her amazing business at: