Three Requests

The Universe has three requests of you:

  1. Learn how to honor yourself and remove all obstacles that block you from honoring yourself.
  2. Learn how to honor others as you honor yourself.
  3. Listen for guidance and communicate regularly.

They are lofty requests, but worthy.  When I fulfill these requests, life seems to be easier, my mind is clearer, and I feel more joy and fulfillment.  Yet fulfilling these requests isn’t always easy.  It takes constant practice, regular check-in’s, and honesty with ourselves.  When I fall out of alignment with honoring myself, not only do I feel uncomfortable, but Intuition gets quieter.

A lot of clients come to me interested in connecting to their Intuition.  They generally fall into three camps:

  • I want to learn how to tap into my Inner Voice.
  • I can hear my Inner Voice sometimes, but never consistently.  
  • My Inner Voice went “silent” and I’m confused where it went.  

If you want a formula for connecting to your Intuition, the three requests would be IT.  Honor yourself, honor others as you would honor yourself, listen for guidance, and communicate with the Universe.  However, most people want the conversation without the honoring or to honor without the conversation.  We are asked to do both.

The Universe doesn’t play small.  When you ask to tap into Its wisdom, It asks you to make the investment for that kind of a relationship.  

Imagine the deepest relationship you have in your life.  The person you can tell anything to, that just gets you, and who can finish your sentences.  This is not even scratching the surface of the kind of relationship the Universe is inviting you into, but you have to be up to it.   

What do these requests entail?

Honor yourself.

First, we must stop blaming others for our circumstances and start making new choices.  This means stepping down from living in a place of victimhood where our past stories control our present and stepping into responsibility.  What can you clean up on your side of the metaphorical street?  Not from a place of guilt, not from a place of shame, not from shifting the blame to ourselves, but from a wiser place of ownership.  This is a big one.  It’s up to us to recognize we are constantly making choices that shape our reality.  When I think back to the days that I was stuck in the “poor me” mentality with a story that everyone had more resources to create the lifestyle I wanted, I smile inside now.  What changed was that one day I just decided the only difference between me and others doing the work they loved is that they did it.  That was it.  From that day forward, I put in the time, the steps, the thought, the plans, every single day, to do whatever it took to get me to my present day reality.  Choice.  Ownership.  It’s calling us.

We must learn how to stand in our personal power.  This is often confused with a fearful place of defensiveness.  Instead we are asked to stand in an open place of our own worthiness.  Think negotiable, authorable boundaries versus brick walls.  Yesterday I virtually attended a live class with the lovely Guru Singh on my lunch break.  He reminded us all that the energy of fear and protection prevents us from expanding.  This means that if we are protecting our time, energy, being from a place of fear, we’re actually not honoring ourselves or others.  This is a common mistake I see when clients seek to honor their needs.  In a place of protection, we’ve given our power away to external circumstances.  If you’re an empathetic person like me, this a recipe for energy drain and overwhelm.

We’re invited to bring all of the worthiness we’ve placed outside of ourselves back inside.  To know that we are inherently worthy because we showed up on earth.  Period.  I was speaking with a client last week who was feeling self-conscious about her body changes.  These feelings are normal because we’ve been socialized to place our worth in that which is temporary like the body, other people, situations, material objects.  Honoring ourselves asks us to bring that worth inside and to recognize what qualities we inhabit, what gifts we have to offer, even our basic humanity, state of existence that makes us worthy.  

The Universe asks us to take courageous steps forward that are in alignment with our Inner Truth regardless of how others react.  This means we have to shed the “shoulds” and “should not’s.”  We’re invited to make reconnection with ourselves our top nonnegotiable priority every single day.  No more excuses.  It asks us to forgive.  Ourselves and others...everyone.  To learn how to let go when our mind wants to grip something that we know is not worth our gripping energy.  It takes time, it takes dedication. There is no fast track.  There is no easy out.  This IS the path, we all must be willing to walk.

Here’s the beauty.  We don’t have to figure it all out before the Universe speaks through Intuition and we do have to unapologetically choose to walk the path of honor.  The Universe wants to see that we are serious, we are dedicated, we are consistent, we are doing our best.  And when it does, It starts to visit us.  

Honor your Universal family.

We must recognize the inherent Truth in all paths that I am you, you are me.  What does this mean?  This means I recognize that the same qualities that I may not like that appear manifest in you, are also in me.  Rage, anger, impatience, selfishness, it’s all in each of us.  The question is what qualities I choose to nurture and water.  These grow.  

Can I let go of judgement of others and which qualities they have chosen to water in themselves and instead focus on what I want to water in myself?  Can this shift allow me to empathize with the inherent humanity of another regardless of their actions?  

As I learn to honor myself like creating boundaries over walls, can I cheer those I love on when they do the same?  When a friend cannot meet me at a preferred time, when my partner needs some solo “me time,” when a loved one asks for what they need.  Can I honor their requests?  As we practice honoring ourselves, it’s an invitation to create sacred space in our lives for others to do the same.  So that when the friend says they cannot meet you because they need some alone downtime to recharge, you rejoice in the way they have learned how to honor their needs rather than get frustrated about the limitations on their time.

Ask and you will receive.  Listen and you will hear.

“Have you asked the Universe for support?” I’m asking a client who is in transition and struggling with waiting for her next job to pan out.  After months of feeling discomfort and recognizing the Universe’s call to action to honor herself by creating changes in her career, she’s waiting for the new to unfold after turning in applications and successfully completing interviews for a new position.  The in-between feels difficult, uncomfortable, almost unbearable now that she has clarity around what she wants.  And the funny thing is that her answer to my question is “no.”  She hasn’t had a conversation with the Universe.

You want to dance with Intuition?  You need to meet It every day.  Listen affectionately to It whispering.  Ask It for help.  Struggling with a transition at work?  Ask for support.  Tell the Universe that you’ve listened to Its guidance and you’re taking steps in a new direction that It has called you to.  Ask for more ease and patience during the transition period.  Unsure how to move forward?  Ask and then listen.  Keep a notebook near you throughout the next couple of days and write down any little insights that come through to you because The Universel often speaks to you when you are least expecting it.   


For this week’s Joy Tip Wednesday, I want to invite us to explore how often we are giving energy into the three requests of the Universe.  

Over the next week, check in with yourself and ask:

  • How did I honor myself today?  What obstacles did I identify?  Release?  What new choices and actions am I taking to honor myself?
  • How did I honor others as myself today?  When did I extend my compassion?  My empathy?
  • How did I listen and communicate with the Universe?  Did I ask for support?  Clarification?  Did I listen for signs and messages?

To make this concrete, give yourself a rating at the end of each day.  On days when you brought intention to these requests and took steps in direction of all three, give yourself a rating of 100 out of 100.  On days that you completely forgot about the practice entirely, took no steps, but did check in at the end of the day, give yourself a 10 out of 100.  You get the point.  This is not to judge ourselves, but rather to give ourselves an internal sense of clarity about how often we fulfill these important requests.  

Here’s why this matters.  

Intentional connection to our Intuition only emerges after we’ve done the wise work of learning how to show up for ourselves.

If you wanted a spell for joy, for wholeness, for ease, I’d give you this trifecta we’ve explored.  These steps foster a deep intimate connection with ourselves, genuine relationships with others, and a relationship with something Greater than ourselves.  Does the Soul desire anything more?

much love,