Be A Rebel

As we're getting ready to give our energy to other's this holiday: let's get perspective.  If you're anything like me, you're feeling the crunch.  The fact that we all try to complete the same amount of work despite the reality that we have days off.  (Remind me why we do this again..the math doesn't add up)  Juggling multiple engagements, visits, and trips.  A larger pull on our energy reserves as we spend more time "out" in social gathers and conversations.  This can all predictably pull us off center if we keep operating in the same way before the holidays show up.   

And yet, this time is also full of days where we get to see people we love and haven't seen in awhile, expanding our hearts.  Where we get to pick out just the right gifts for our favorite niece, or special someone sparking new energy.  Where we eat our favorite one time a year foods that inspire old times past.  

I want to invite you to do something a little rebellious this year on Thanksgiving.  The day where we give thanks and give much to others...give to yourself. 

Eep! In a season where we are given messages to think of others, I want you to start with you.  It's going to feel selfish.  Maybe even sacreligious.  Do it anyways.  Because I know you have a big heart.  Because I know you are generous.  Because I know you are going to give a lot to the people you care about over the next 30+days without me even suggesting you give.  Because all of this is true, you need to be a little rebellious, a little "selfish," and give to yourself...first. 

I get that this is hard.  Want to brainstorm around it or have someone to cheer you on?  Set up a 30 minute free discovery session with me HERE.  We'll get to know each other more, spark some clarity for you, and if we both agree we're a strong match, plan some empowering work together.   

Give to yourself by taking space to look at the big picture and attend to your self care.  More ideas on how to do that in a unique way designed for yourself HERE.  Consider what routines, new or old, would support some steadiness as the landscapes of our lives continue to change over the remaining days of 2017.  Start practicing the word "no" when all the holiday parties on your calendar feels too much.  And let go of your need for everyone, every single person, to be enthusiastic about every decision, word, and action you take for the rest of 2017.  Let go of expectations of yourself that feel heavy and...others.  Sigh.  Do you feel lighter?  I know I do typing this.

I know we want to do #allthethings right now.  I know we want to see #allthepeople right now. I know we want to #giveallthethings right now. It's all beautifully sourced, intended, but it's going to burn you out.  And if we're not careful, we'll enter 2018 wishing we could just nap and hide away from everyone for a solid week (we may even do that), and then try to scrape ourselves back together to regain our center.      

This time it's going to be different.  This time, we'll be rebels and give thanks to ourselves first.  This time, we'll allow the word "selfish" to brush off us and meditate in our room before going down to join the family for breakfast.  This time, we'll say "I'm busy" and block off an entire day to ourselves. 

This time, we will rebelliously choose ourselves.  

Not from a defensive place.  Not in negation to those who we care about.  Rather, as a decision to choose ourselves first and then everyone else.  As a remembrance that when we invest energy in ourselves, we have more energy to invest out.  As an embodiment that when we give to ourselves, we feel really passionate about giving to others. 

This courageous, rebellious act is going to take daily practice.  If we want to build a home in ourselves by choosing ourselves first, we align by choosing to take daily steps that pave that trail back to ourselves.  Time and time and time again.  We can start this Thanksgiving by pausing when we wake up and giving ourselves permission to choose ourselves first.  Before rushing to cook the food.  Before jumping to clean the house.  What, my dear joy seeker, do YOU need in this moment?  What, dear rebel, would be an act of rebellion this morning?  Be it big, or be it small, choose least once. And see what it can create.  

No one else will do this for you.  The choosing is your's.  Something.  Anything.  What...isn't the point.  The choosing is the point.  When you've made this home in yourself, then, you are rooted enough to rise.  Rooted enough to give.  Rooted enough to expand.  Rooted enough to give thanks.  

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm pretty passionate about this.  I've had countless conversations with clients over the last week who are amazing human beings on planet earth giving so much to so many people in their lives and struggling go give to themselves.  I get it.  You could even say it comes down to hours of mastery.  Most of us have hours of mastery of giving to others and when we look at the hours of mastery of giving to ourselves................... 

I'm so jazzed about this right now that I created a 5 month journey to help a small circle of women master choosing differently.

Master choosing themselves.  Master creating a life where they feel at home because they ARE home in themselves. I'd love for you to join me in that journey of mastery.  You can learn more about it HERE. Women who sign up by December 15th get a special bonus. 

In the meantime, let me know what rebellious act of choosing yourself you make this Thanksgiving.  Comment below and let me cheer you on for choosing you precisely so that you can choose everyone else.  You get me? <3

much love,