I only found the love I was seeking because I became the woman who could live in it.  Many years ago I was jaded about relationships, marriage, partnership, and all things romantic love.  After my divorce, I was convinced that I wasn’t meant for pairing up.  I was sure it stifled my spiritual practice, inevitably led to suffering, and stopped us from awakening.  

Joy Tip Wednesday: Find Your Love

Joy Tip Wednesday:  Find Your Love

Earlier this week I wrote about my love affair with Joy.  How every cell in my body is dedicated to Her.  To this North Star of sorts guiding my way back Home when I've lost myself in the thick of life.  She guided me when I was young and as an adult I came to loose my connection with her.  Recent years have been focused on reconnecting with Joy once again.  When I finally reconnected, my life felt alive like never before.