Joy Tip Wednesday: Cultivating Opposites

Joy Tip Wednesday:  Cultivating Opposites

Happy Wednesday!  Today I'm reflecting on the power of cultivating opposites.  Exploring the crevices of our being that are not as easily understood, connected with, or comfortable.

I believe all of us are whole.  All of us are multi-faceted. All of us have the beautiful qualities that we observe in others, in ourselves.  The practice is perhaps learning how to connect with those qualities in an intentional way...

Embracing the Mystery

Embracing the Mystery

"God, I'm doing that thing again!"  I exclaimed to my coach on a recent call.  "Why do I do that thing?! And why can't it just go away?  I don't get it.  I see it, I know it, but yet, here it is again."  We were talking about a pattern that I could see, that I know well, and that I couldn't quite leave.  This strangely familiar and annoying pattern of thought and behavior had me wanting to crawl out of my own skin.    "Maybe you don't need to know the why," my coach said to me.