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Woman is a ray of God.

She is not that earthly beloved:

she is creative, not created.

~ Rumi

The most important journey we can take is back to ourselves. To reclaim our power, to recognize and nurture our intuition, and align our compass to this renewed trust in ourselves.

This new foundation creates an unshakeable center in our being that is our birthright and we can return to time and time again. This is not easy, but is there anything more worthy of your energy, time, and focus?


  • Turn to your own wisdom for guidance first whenever you feel lost, trust it...and get an answer.
  • Ask for what you need in relationships with clarity and ease.
  • Are able to untangle from others negative energies and stop feeling drained.
  • Know how to create loving boundaries that you design and let go of defensive walls with others.
  • Understand your sensitive nature and cherish its unique gifts.
  • Heal from heartbreaks and heartaches.
  • Understand and end your regular cycles of feeling overwhelmed.
  • Communicate with spirit guides, loved ones, other realms and know how the wisdom you receive can be implemented in your every day life.
  • Easily tap into your inner wisdom when you need it through new ancient and modern practices.
  • See the miracles in every day life and reconnect to a sense of joy.

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I Invite you to come home

Join me and a small circle of women starting July 10th on a five-month journey where we will build a home in ourselves, in our relationships, with the Universe, and inside our life. Together we'll cycle with the moon for five months to dig deep and rise high. Think of this as a sacred circle, a late night gathering over your favorite cup of tea with close friends, and a giggly sleep over where inside jokes abound. This is the community and the emotional update your system has been waiting for. Together we will:

  • Learn to trust ourselves and each other.
  • Pull our energy, our worth, our power back from all the people, places, and moments we left it behind.
  • Learn how to choose daily steps that brick-by-brick lay a new foundation through our thoughts, words, and deeds.
  • Call on ancient and modern practices that help us remember who we truly are. Hi Goddess :)

"It is uncomfortable to be one's own authority,

but it is the only condition which true personal power can develop."

~ Starhawk

Live the story you were BORN to embody and live IN  

As women, we are told from the day we show up on planet earth, who we need to be. This program will strip away the layers of what you’ve been told so you may meet your fullness for the first time. Beyond the shoulds and should not’s. Beyond the definitions and standards of being a woman you were told, you were taught, you choose to believe.

Without changing the foundations of who we are, all self-help, personal development, and spiritual efforts are flimsy band aids that will eventually break. Untouching the foundations of who we are means that unhealthy patterns inevitably will repeat. This time it's going to be different.

spots are limited for this circle.  schedule a 30 minute free consultation with me to see if you're a good fit here.


Each month we'll focus on a different area of our life and build a home there. This includes:

  • Five virtual live sessions around the new moons where we'll share a ritual together, I'll give a talk on the month's topic, and share the latest intuitive insights.
  • Five course modules including readings, diverse practices and exercises including meditations, journal prompts, rituals, and reflections to guide your internal work throughout the moon cycle.
  • Ongoing conversation, encouragement, empathy, and support in a private online group that I'll join you in.
  • Five live group coaching sessions around the full moons where we'll circle up, share rituals, and I'll coach you to LIVE what you learn. After all,

All wisdom you receive in life is meant to be LIVED.

This is not your standard cookie cutter program! Get ready for one part preset and designed and one part custom tailored to the group's needs and desires!

Month 1: Home in Yourself

We’ll start by removing the barriers that stand in the way of feeling at Home inside ourselves. We'll uncover the thoughts, beliefs, actions that perpetually keep us disconnected from our inherent radiance inside. We will cherish our original perfection that we've forgotten in ourselves and we see reflected in a newborn baby. We'll embrace our nooks and crannies, our quirks. Intentionally cultivate joy and practice self care routines uniquely attuned to our personal needs rather than "best practices."

Month 2: Home in Relationship

After creating a solid foundation inside of ourselves we will explore our relationships through a relationship health check up. This empowers us to clearly see how our current relationships empower and disempower us. We'll take time to get clear about how to create relationships that feel at home and then take the necessary steps to manifest and create them. Remember you're a creator.

Month 3: Home in Universe

After laying the foundation we’ll start to explore our connection to something Greater than ourselves, the Universe. We’ll explore the chakras, energy centers in our body that guide our emotional, physical, and mental health and serve as a framework for feeling whole in ourselves. We’ll practice tapping into our intuitive knowing through diverse self-awareness tools including meditations, journaling, and sacred rituals. This journey will open us to gifts we were unaware we had, guidance we’ve been hungry for, and a deeper interconnection with the world around us.

Month 4: Home in Life

Once we’ve plugged into our knowing of the Universe, we’re powered up and ready to rise higher by diving deep. We’ll explore the human realities of our nature by navigating questions and challenges of personal power around personal needs, wants, and establishing boundaries. Learn how to let go of the defensive need to build walls and stand in the power of boundaries that you negotiate. Understand our inherent empathetic nature, why we feel drained at times, and how to regain our energy. We’ll harness energy-preserving techniques for empathetic souls to transform our sensitivity from our kryptonite into a superpower.

Month 5: Rise

We’ll close our five months with a final chapter dedicated to living in the new home you’ve built. This is where the rubber hits the road. We’ll learn how to become active agents in our lives and exercise choice to constantly align our actions and deeds with our new foundation. We’ll dance with the ever-evolving nature of our very own selves and life, learning how to let go, allow, and embrace. We’ll courageously develop a sense of steadiness to live in discomfort, and expand. Oh woman will we expand. And lastly, we’ll define our path and determine what’s needed to Live Inside this new Path we’ve paved. Living a life that is self sourced, self-defined, self-initiated. 

When we change the foundation of how we think, act, and relate away from who we were told to be towards who we truly are, we become unshakeable, and we rise to embody the fullness of who we are.

We realize our divinity, our holiness, our sacredness. We access abilities that were otherwise hidden, strengths that were left unseen, and possibilities that otherwise seemed impossible.

We all yearn to feel at home. This primordial yearning fuels our grappling, our searching, our seeking, our questioning. It's underneath our moments of loneliness, overwhelm, and confusion. Quench your thirst and get ready to call out "I AM Home!"

Ready to come home?  Schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation with me HERE to answer your questions and see if we both agree you're a strong match for the group.

Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy.
— Abraham-Hicks

Get Inspired:  Testimonials

I have to mention this amazing life coach Marci who does excellent work with women who are looking to tap into their life purpose. Within 20 minutes, she was able to help me carve out a plan for myself to step into life’s purpose more fully this year. I highly recommend her for coaching AND reiki, both of which I’ve experienced to be phenomenally in tune with a universal source, vivid, and spot on as it applies to my life.
— Sarah P, Coaching Client
Marci is a true asset and a wonderful personal coach to any person who is overwhelmed and can’t seem to figure out where they are going, are confused and stuck in life, and needs support to move forward in life. Any person faced with any difficulty would certainly improve their circumstances by choosing Marci for a coach. Her coaching techniques and the truthfulness she incorporates in her sessions are priceless.
— Linda, Coaching Client
I highly recommend “Choose Joy”. At the end, I was sorry to see it stop. That’s why I continue to work with Marci. I did not think that a Facebook group for discussion, online class or weekly group call would be effective. I was 100% wrong. Whenever I participated in the weekly group call, I was invigorated, hopeful and saw myself grow. I loved the support of the others in the course and I loved returning the favor. Marci created a very safe space for us in which to interact. I am different from when I started. Joy is no longer a possibility in the future; it is a reality of the present. If you are ready for true joy and happiness in your life, do this course. It is well worth the investment.
— Mary M, Choose Joy Program
Marci’s 30 days of joy challenge was truly an incredible gift! I stepped into 2015 with a lot of anxiousness around what the new year would bring since I had just made a significant change to close out 2014. The opportunity to share and explore my emotions and the ways of my crazy mind openly with others, while learning from Marci’s daily insights was just what I needed to feel stronger, connected, and to embrace just being. Despite already having some significant self knowledge and tricks through my own studies, Marci’s challenge gave me so much more! For me maybe the best thing about the 30 days (other than connecting with some awesome people) was having concrete practices to help me continue to understand where and how to uncover joy. A few of the practices have become habits, and ones that I see myself doing for the rest of my life!
— 30 Day Joy Participant
“Working through the 30 Days of Joy under Marci’s tutelage was a beautiful experience for me. I found the online community of Joy Voyagers to be open and inspiring - it was a wonderful tool to supplement my personal journey.
During this challenge, my grandmother passed away. Of course, losing someone you love is never easy, but I think that I navigated the experience with more grace because of the strength I was able to draw from this experience. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to cultivate a life that leans towards joy (and, as far as I know, that’s all of us!).”
— 30 Day Joy Participant