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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why you have to be fierce with your self-love.
  • What makes self-love essential for every woman to thrive.
  • The three essentials to cultivating deep self-love.
  • Practical ways you can infuse self-love into your everyday life.


About Me

I am an intuitive coach, healer, guide, and teacher.  I empower sensitive soul women with big hearts to own their power, inner wise woman, and live their truth every day.  My clients are spiritually seeking women who Know they were born to be different.  They are multi-faceted...not a straight line.  They exude a brilliance they wish others would honor.  And they ultimately came to Planet Earth to be of service to others.  Entrepreneurs, school teachers, attorneys, and yoga teachers are just some of the special women I have had the privilege to co-create with.  I've worked 1:1, in groups, and led trainings with hundreds of women to date.

My work is born from my own spiritually seeking and personal development journey.  I combine more than a decade of applied experience (I'm all about practice, not theory) in self-inquiry, mindfulness, meditation, social psychology, Eastern and esoteric philosophy, the healing arts of energy medicine, Reiki, and yoga, and Earth-based spiritual traditions.  These days the Divine Feminine rules my way.  This means I value an intuition, feeling, non-linear, and heart-centered path.  As a result, I've been known to be called, or call myself, a Priestess, Shamana, Witch, Healer, Channel, and Seer.  After all, like my clients, I am deep.  I am multi-layered.  Cyclical and evolving.  I am so much more than the words on this website.  And so too, I feel, are you.

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