Hi, I'm Marci.  I'm here to empower you to create a joyful authentic life.  

Many years ago I knew that my life was missing the zest I yearned for.  I felt stuck.  Work no longer inspired me and my purpose seemed elusive.  I knew my life needed a new direction, but I was unsure how to transform my dreams into reality.

Flash forward to present day.  A day where I wake up excited to start the morning overflowing with joy.  Where my dreams are my reality.  Sounds exciting right?  Contact me for an initial 60 minute one-on-one session to start making your day dreams your reality! 


I was an overwhelmed, burned out working professional who turned my life around.  Find out how I changed my life and what motivates me to coach, heal, guide, and teach others.

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Excited about the idea of transforming your life to chart a new course, but unsure how to get started?  

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