Get ready!  I'm launching online courses!  

You get to hang out with me and learn how to create more joy from the comfort of your living room.  

first up is a course on how to get unstuck.  

I'll be launching beta testing soon and looking for 5 individuals who are absolutely ready to get unstuck.  you'll receive a one-time special deep discounted price on the course, first dibs on access to the course content, and the opportunity to provide awesome feedback.

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Everything exists for joy. There is not one other reason for life than joy.
— Abraham-Hicks

Get Inspired:  Testimonials

I have to mention this amazing life coach Marci who does excellent work with women who are looking to tap into their life purpose. Within 20 minutes, she was able to help me carve out a plan for myself to step into life’s purpose more fully this year. I highly recommend her for coaching AND reiki, both of which I’ve experienced to be phenomenally in tune with a universal source, vivid, and spot on as it applies to my life.
— Sarah P, Coaching Client
Marci is a true asset and a wonderful personal coach to any person who is overwhelmed and can’t seem to figure out where they are going, are confused and stuck in life, and needs support to move forward in life. Any person faced with any difficulty would certainly improve their circumstances by choosing Marci for a coach. Her coaching techniques and the truthfulness she incorporates in her sessions are priceless.
— Linda, Coaching Client
I highly recommend “Choose Joy”. At the end, I was sorry to see it stop. That’s why I continue to work with Marci. I did not think that a Facebook group for discussion, online class or weekly group call would be effective. I was 100% wrong. Whenever I participated in the weekly group call, I was invigorated, hopeful and saw myself grow. I loved the support of the others in the course and I loved returning the favor. Marci created a very safe space for us in which to interact. I am different from when I started. Joy is no longer a possibility in the future; it is a reality of the present. If you are ready for true joy and happiness in your life, do this course. It is well worth the investment.
— Mary M, Choose Joy Program
Marci’s 30 days of joy challenge was truly an incredible gift! I stepped into 2015 with a lot of anxiousness around what the new year would bring since I had just made a significant change to close out 2014. The opportunity to share and explore my emotions and the ways of my crazy mind openly with others, while learning from Marci’s daily insights was just what I needed to feel stronger, connected, and to embrace just being. Despite already having some significant self knowledge and tricks through my own studies, Marci’s challenge gave me so much more! For me maybe the best thing about the 30 days (other than connecting with some awesome people) was having concrete practices to help me continue to understand where and how to uncover joy. A few of the practices have become habits, and ones that I see myself doing for the rest of my life!
— 30 Day Joy Participant
“Working through the 30 Days of Joy under Marci’s tutelage was a beautiful experience for me. I found the online community of Joy Voyagers to be open and inspiring - it was a wonderful tool to supplement my personal journey.
During this challenge, my grandmother passed away. Of course, losing someone you love is never easy, but I think that I navigated the experience with more grace because of the strength I was able to draw from this experience. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to cultivate a life that leans towards joy (and, as far as I know, that’s all of us!).”
— 30 Day Joy Participant