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Psychic:  NOT a dirty word.

Want your unique path guided by the power of your intuition?

It’s possible to receive guidance, insights, and support from Spirit and your Soul every day…

To unlock the mysterious language of Spirit that’s all around you…

And to heal the fears blocking your connection with your inner voice...

Using ancient and modern practices to open your intuitive channels safely.

Intuition 101 is a five lesson foundational online course doing exactly that with live sessions, a supportive community, and expert hand holding along the way.

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in-person Workshops in the washington, DC area


Live Life Now: A Practical Workshop on Mindfulness

Saturday, November 16th @ 2:30 pm, @ Yoga District’s 14th Street Studio

Struggling to be present in your every day life? Vaguely understand the idea of being mindful but unsure how to put it into practice? Join us for a practical workshop to discuss the art and practice of mindful living. Explore practical steps you can take in your every day life to be more present. Included will be instruction, group discussion, practical exercises, and sitting meditation practice. Bring a notebook, pen, and an open heart. Those new to and experienced with mindfulness can benefit. Sign up HERE.


The Sovereign Sensitive: How to Thrive As a Sensitive Person

Saturday, December 14th @ 2:30 pm, @ Yoga District’s 14th Street Studio

Have you ever been told by others that you are “too sensitive?” Find yourself feeling more than others around you? Or curious about how your sensitivity could become a strength rather than an obstacle? Join intuitive coach and healer Marci Moberg for a special workshop designed to empower sensitive people to understand and start mastering their sensitive nature. In this introductory workshop we will explore: who is a sensitive person; what the difference is between a highly sensitive person and an empath; simple strategies for calming a sensitive nervous system; and how to address the number one challenge for sensitive people: healthy boundaries. Get ready to experience guided meditation, somatic practices, discuss effective strategies, and to invest in your own thriving. Bring a notebook, pen, and an open heart. Sign up HERE.