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My life-changing practical online intuition development course: Intuition 101

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Psychic:  NOT a dirty word.

Want your unique path guided by the power of your intuition?

It’s possible to receive guidance, insights, and support from Spirit and your Soul every day…

To unlock the mysterious language of Spirit that’s all around you…

And to heal the fears blocking your connection with your inner voice...

Using ancient and modern practices to open your intuitive channels safely.

Intuition 101 is a five lesson foundational course doing exactly that with live sessions, a supportive community, and expert hand holding along the way.

You can read more about the course HERE.

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in-person Workshops in the washington, DC area

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Conscious Connecting: Mindful Conversations & Relating with Others

Sunday, May 12th @ 2:30 pm, @ Yoga District’s 14th Street Studio

Do you find yourself swept up by emotions during conversations with others? Would you love to find strategies for being more mindful in conversations with others? Do you struggle to know what you need in relationships with others? Join intuitive coach and healer Marci Moberg for a special workshop designed to empower you to cultivate more mindful and loving relationships with others. In this workshop we will explore: Why it is easy to get swept up by emotions. How to find your center when you’ve lost it. Practices that can reduce reactivity over time. How to tap into your needs and the needs of others in relationships. The power of active listening and self-awareness. Get ready to enjoy guided meditation, practical exercises, group discussion, and to invest in your relationship well-being. This workshop is designed for all levels of experience and to discuss diverse ways we connect with others including partnership, family, friends, and peers. Bring a notebook, a pen, and an open heart. Sign up HERE.

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Hear Your Inner Voice: An Introduction to Intuition

Saturday, June 1st @ 2 pm, @ Yoga District’s 14th Street Studio

Do you struggle to hear your inner voice for guidance? Or perhaps you hear your inner voice and question the clarity. Or maybe your inner voice goes in and out which makes you confused to know when you are tapping into your intuition and when you are not. Join intuitive coach and healer Marci Moberg for a powerful workshop centered on diving into the power of intuition. Yoga teaches that each person can tap into a very wise part of us inside. This inherent wisdom can guide our everyday choices and decisions to be more aligned with our true self. Spend two hours exploring the power of intuition and why it is so hard to hear. Get ready to experience practical exercises, guided meditation, and group discussion. This workshop is designed to support all levels of experience. Bring a notebook, a pen, and an open heart. Sign up HERE.