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Psychic:  NOT a dirty word.

Want your unique path guided by the power of your intuition?

It’s possible to receive guidance, insights, and support from Spirit and your Soul every day…

To unlock the mysterious language of Spirit that’s all around you…

And to heal the fears blocking your connection with your inner voice...

Using ancient and modern practices to open your intuitive channels safely.

Intuition 101 is a five lesson foundational course doing exactly that with live sessions, a supportive community, and expert hand holding along the way.

  • A practical, easy-to-implement approach to intuition so you can connect to guidance from day one.  Featuring a unique methodology combing meditations, journaling exercises, observation practices, breathing techniques, and energy work.

  • Use your hidden intuitive and psychic abilities to feel constant support on your path. Once you unlock the language of Spirit, you realize you are, you always were...supported on your path. While you may have missed it before, in this course we discover now we know how to see, feel, and hear support each step of the way.

  • Create meaningful personal relationships with your Higher Self, guides, and Source. Personal connections create deeper intuitive insights about your purpose and path in life. We foster a strong direct connection between you and your guides.

  • Own your power, release your fears, and drop resistance from clear soul communication.  Emotional healing and intuitive development go hand-in-hand. We mindfully peel back the layers blocking the cosmic telephone line.

  • A thriving community where like minded sensitive souls support each other.  You are not alone in your experience, in your questions, in your wonder. I'm passionate about building loving and empowering communities to cheer us on when we do the brave work of owning we are psychic.

Registration for the Winter 2019 session of Intuition 101 will open January 28th. Course begins week of February 11th.

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