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The Summer Intuition Series is a live online sessions to spark your intuition and workshop popular questions about our inner knowing.




and eye opening.

A little backstory

Years ago I found myself in an unexpected place in my life. Despite my success and checking most of the checkmarks on my goals list, I felt completely unfulfilled and disconnected from the core of myself. What happened? The problem was not obvious at first, but after years of deep dive inner work I discovered that over time I managed to loose myself along the way. In other words, step-by-step I slowly stopped honoring my own inner knowing that I now call Intuition.

Reconnecting to the inner guidance system of my intuition changed me and my life. This inner knowing gave me the power to leave an unhealthy marriage, to uncover my life's purpose, to shift the course of my career, and to create a lifestyle for myself that felt more authentic and aligned.

My reconnection took a lot of resources. Time, money, effort, energy, and practice. A LOT OF IT. After building a solid relationship with my own inner knowing and guiding and coaching others to do the same for the last 5-6 years, I'm passionate about making this process easier for others. 

I get A LOT of the same questions over and over again about intuition. In 1:1 session, in group workshops, in yoga teacher trainings I lead, in private messages in my inbox. And I want to empower as many people as possible to strengthen their connection with their intuition. So the Summer Intuition Series was born.

How it works

I will lead three live online workshops in the month of August on three core topics. You can sign up for all three workshops, one, or two. Whatever works best for you! Each session will include time for me to share wisdom about the core topic of the evening, walk through a practice of key tools that you can return to time and time again, and space for answering your questions. Sessions are recorded so if you miss a live session, you can still receive the benefits of the workshop!

The schedule is:

SESSION 1: Sorting Through the Noise: Fear v. Intuition - August 14th @ 7:30 pm ET

During this session we will workshop the common problem: How do I know when it’s my intuition and when it’s my fear? The answer is NOT always obvious. So I'll share with you some key tips for sorting through this sticky question so that the next time you feel more confident knowing when your inner knowing is calling on the cosmic telephone.

SESSION 2: Sacred Boundaries: Compassionate Boundary Setting - August 21st @ 7:30 pm ET

During this session we will workshop the common problem: How do I set healthy boundaries without being a jerk? Soooooo many of us are petrified of loosing our compassionate nature when we try to create and re-negotiate healthy boundaries. I'm passionate about empowering you to honor both your core values AND your core needs.

SESSION 3: Authentic Love: Honoring intuition in romantic relationships - August 28th @ 7:30 pm ET

During this session we will workshop the common problem: How do I know I’m honoring my intuition when the emotional stakes feel high? Whether we are dating or in a committed partnership, romance brings a lot of emotional waves and it can be hard to sort out when our intuition is nudging us or if the past is projecting itself onto the present. I plan to share some of the most important tools I've taught to dozens of clients that empowered them to create authentic loving relationships.

Ready to sign up? GREAT! You can sign up below.


My students are people who…

  • Are big hearted and sensitive.

  • Are on a path of personal and spiritual growth.

  • Love to be in service of others and causes for the greater good.

  • Have touched into their inner voice and want to deepen their relationship with intuition.

  • Savor equal parts expanded inspiration and grounded practical when they learn.

  • Are the creatives, mystics, meditators, yogis, dreamers, inspired doers, healers, lovers of life, the seekers of joy and wonder.

  • Know they are here for a greater purpose beyond themselves regardless of whether they know precisely what their purpose is or not.

  • Are ready to unlearn disempowering habits, beliefs, and social conditioning to embody more of their authentic selves and live their unique Truths.

Does this sound like you?

Pricing and logistics

I'm passionate about making this series financially accessible for as many people as possible. And so, each session is individually $27 or $75 for the whole series. Sessions are live and participants will receive a link to the recording following the session. However, everyone is encouraged to attend live to get your questions answered in real time as this is the only time I am available for answering questions on these important topics.

We will meet together in a Zoom where you will have the opportunity to see and hear me live as well as ask your questions. I will send the link to the session the day of our live workshop. Sessions run for 75 minutes and include time for Q&A at the end.

Why learn from me?

I marry modern and ancient knowledge, practical and esoteric, academic and practitioner approaches in my work. I have completed thousands of hours of work guiding and coaching individuals 1:1, groups, and organizations to connect to their Intuition.

Most of all, I have a great reputation for leading life changing workshops, trainings, and longer courses. Here are some of my favorite quotes from participants of my Intuition 101 course…


"Intuition 101 is life changing. Soul revolutionary. There's no other teacher out there I've come across who is asking us to listen to ourselves in such a profound way. Marci has condensed decades worth of personal wisdom, insight, and spiritual revolution to guide others in a similar awakening path. I feel closer to myself, like I know myself better through tapping into my intuition. If you're thinking about signing up for Intuition 101, DO IT. It's affordable, it's worth it, and if you apply these practices you see solid shifts in your life." ~ Sarah P.

"Since taking Intuition 101 I am able to recognize how I handle being overcome with emotion and how I can at times be overcome with other people’s energy. I’ve learned to name this pattern and get ahead of it before I get overwhelmed. I love how open, honest, and vulnerable Marci is. She makes you feel safe and provides an environment where trust and vulnerability can thrive. This course taught me how critical it is for me to stay in tune with my own body/intuitive knowings to truly learn who you are on a deep level which allows you to connect with your own intuition." ~ Kerri M.

"Through Intuition 101 I've realized that intuition is something I'm truly interested in and that spending the time on developing it is worthwhile! During the course you feel supported by Marci, even if you're working through some challenging or uncomfortable stuff. Marci is real, practical, and approachable while guiding you through tough spiritual stuff. If you're thinking about signing up for Intuition 101, Do it! Even if you need to go at your own pace you'll appreciate the time spent." ~ Amanda A.

"Intuition 101 will continually open you up to new pieces of yourself that have been hidden by society. Marci will gently nudge your soul out in a more public way, offering love and support throughout! As a result of the course, I now dedicate an elongated amount of time to myself each day! I do the practices that most resonate with my body on that particular day, rather than doing a strict spiritual practice that is more out of guilt than because I truly feel connected to it!" ~ Emily G.

"Marci is a true master of intuition. This class is your opportunity to study with someone who is teaching and embodying their life's purpose - which is truly inspiring to witness. She often told us, in live sessions, that she was showing us shortcuts to processes that took her years and years to understand. I had some experiences, during her guided meditations, that completely blew my mind - I went to places I could never have reached on my own, places I didn't even know it was possible to go. So, if you have any interest in supporting your intuitive side, and learning tools that will help you operate on all cylinders and maximize your potential, I highly recommend signing up for this class now, before it fills up. You won't regret it." ~ Teja W.

"Intuition 101 was very informative. I loved that Marci constantly shared her personal wisdom gained through experiences. She was always listening and available to answer our questions throughout the course. The course is packed with powerful tools, examples, practices, and reading materials - it is designed for all levels. I highly recommend it!" ~ Carolyn L.


Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds of any monies paid. I will lead these workshops regardless of enrollment numbers. So, if you don't trust me as a teacher or trust yourself to learn from me yet, no problem! I encourage you to read more of my blogs which are freely available on You especially might want to check out: See if your trust grows. Only sign up for this series if you trust me to teach you this material. I want participants in this series who are excited and invested in connecting more deeply to their intuition.

What are the logistics of the course?

The series runs the last three Wednesdays of August at 7:30 pm ET for 75 minutes per session. I will send out a link via e-mail for the live session the day of our scheduled workshop. Simply click the link to join the session, enjoy the workshop, and you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions and receive answers! After the session is complete, I'll send a link out with the recording in case you want to review again.