I teach weekly classes in the Washington, DC area.


My weekly public meditation and yoga classes are held at Yoga District throughout the year. My current schedule is below.  

Wednesday                        Dharma Inspired Flow + Relaxation 6:40 pm @ 14th St                          

“Marci is in many ways my all-time favorite teacher, certainly the one single yoga teacher who’s had the greatest impact on my life and it’s because of the spiritual element she brings to the mat. Her introductory remarks are always thoughtful and always broaden my perspective, often striking right to my heart and relating directly to something I’m grappling with in my own life. What makes them so powerful is that they are so clearly drawn from a life fully lived and her own willingness to wrestle with hard questions and to create a life with meaning...I just experience her teaching as so warm and encouraging and filled with really quite profound insights that have nothing short of changed my life.”
— Student feedback given to Yoga District