Hi, I'm Marci.  I'm here to empower you to create a powerful authentic life.  

Many years ago I felt stuck.  Work no longer inspired me and my purpose seemed elusive.  I knew my life needed a new direction, but I was unsure what direction to take.  Somehow I lost myself along the way.

Through a winding path to re-find myself, I uncovered my purpose, learned how to step into my power, tapped into my intuitive gifts, and gained courage to live my truth. Sounds exciting right?  Contact me for an initial 30 minute complimentary consultation to start your journey.


I achieved the American dream and was unfulfilled.  After loosing myself, I recovered my truth, aligned my life, and gained courage to follow my dreams.  Find out how I changed my life and what motivates me to coach, heal, guide, and teach others.

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Excited about the idea of transforming your life to chart a new course, but unsure how to get started?  

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