What my clients have to say about our work:

love notes

"Every single conversation with Marci is not only valuable, it is an incredible and enriching learning experience that speaks deep to my soul. When I came to her, I was on antidepressants (and had been for a year +), on anti-seizure medication due to a chronic illness I have been battling, was confused and unclear of my place and path in the world. Now I am certain. I have clarity, peace, and calmness. I am able to really let go and let the universe help me move through life, when before, I thought it was me who was always in control. The best part? I am off antidepressants AND my anti-seizure medication and have never felt better. I have learned so much about myself and how to handle any situation that comes my way." ~ Ashley B. of Fairfax, Va 

"Marci is one of the first personal mentors, or more importantly people, that has allowed me to be MYSELF. I can authentically bring to her any experience, and know that I will not only be held with confidence, but that I will discover my own power in the journey. I value her ability to make me embrace and believe in my own value that I wake up with each day. My reliance in my own power has transformed the way I view myself, and that is a gift that I will be forever grateful for.

Marci's work is going to change the world. Having healers and teachers that believe in your ability, and focus on your strengths and powers is the key that many western practitioners have not caught onto yet. I cannot imagine where/what I would be doing without Marci, and I am forever grateful for her life changing work." ~ Emily G. of Washington, DC

"You are a very important part of my transformation from a place that I didn't recognize myself anymore. You showed me I was still there but turned down. I have been able to work on turning my inner voice up, being an empathetic person without absorbing other people's energy or taking responsibility for others emotions. I've learned to stop apologizing for what I want life to look like for me. You said something when we first met that you spent a year doing things you are afraid of. That's my mission. I'm doing me! Onward and upward!"  ~ Jake S. of Washington, DC

"Speaking with Marci provided the clarity that I was seeking. It was empowering to speak with someone who actively listened and gave confirmation to feelings I was already having. It was also very interesting to learn about a new perspective on spirit/religion/energy. I have definitely been inspired to find and speak my truth from here on out!" ~ Jessica B. of  Gregory, MI

"Marci was able to bring to light many things that I was unable to identify with by myself. She listened carefully and gave thoughtful guidance. Her words of encouragement gave me hope for change, and I've felt more confident since our session. Thank you!" ~ Olivia A. of Washington, DC

"After going through some breathing exercises, Marci helped me navigate through emotions that brought repressed tears, laughter, and immense awe at how accurate some of the thoughts she had on where I was spiritually!  Her ability to tap into what I'd been dealing with felt remarkably safe as she assured me that all we spoke of was normal and would be confidential.  All in all...amazing!" ~ Tamir D. of Rockville, MD

"Since working with her I've been feeling more confident, more loving, more comfortable, more joyful and more positive, and more settled in a sense of Self and self worth. I actually feel like I am moving around the world in a different way having worked with Marci. She is a total badass while being completely humble, fun to connect with, etc, and has amazing techniques for working with women to feel like they embody their most authentic selves and finding a path that feels right." ~ Kate W. of Washington, DC

why my work is unique

"Working with Marci was a lasting experience, even after just one session. Her work is so unique to anything else that is out there - she's extremely in touch with herself and her clients, and the session is a journey into self awareness and exploration. A week later and I still find myself thinking of the things she brought up and we discussed... it really does shift your perspective on your life and how you have the ability to create your own miracles in it. She is so kind and patient and wise... I think anyone can greatly benefit from her sessions if they're willing to open themselves up to her magical work! ~ Elyse M. of Alexandria VA

"We get down to the deep root of my energy imbalances and learn how to really listen to my intuition. I've learned that I have a very strong intuition and when I listen, it SPEAKS very clearly to me. Marci has taught me how to get the ear wax out of my ears and really tune in to my energy and the root of my feelings, the "why" of why I'm feeling a certain way. I've also learned ways to cope with experiences that make me feel uncomfortable or not well, such as dealing with an illness, and knowing that sometimes these symptoms creep up, its all temporary. What a refreshing feeling knowing that!" ~ Ashley B. of Fairfax, VA

"A friend of mine mentioned the Intuitive Energy and Coaching sessions with Marci. Initially I was a little reluctant to try the session, but I'm really glad that I did! From the start of the session until the end it was very apparent that Marci has a gift for sensing who you are and how to help you. I felt very safe sharing my thoughts as she guided me through the session and prompted me to think about my issues and how I felt about them. Marci's compassion and understanding set the tone for the session, making it easy to talk openly. If you're looking for an infusion of positive energy and guidance then I definitely recommend experiencing a session with Marci!" ~ Zoshia M, of Rockville, MD

"After seeing several therapists, it was with Marci that I felt most at home to share my most intimate stories. I never felt judged or labeled, as many others had often done for me before. I also love that she continues to have confidence in me, even when I am nervous or feel like I am not empowered. This level of trust in me reminds me to be just as compassionate to myself, as she is to me! ~ Emily G. of Washington, DC

"Work with Marci was empowering and insightful because she flat out knew things and explained things in ways no one else has before." ~ Jake S. of Washington, DC

in summary

Marci has exceptional talents and a wide range of tools and avenues.  Her reading from a picture of myself before session is remarkable.  I was amazed how acute her reading was.  Her intuition and perception are strong.  Furthermore Marci uses all our time session wisely.   We covered a lot in one session.  It was fun and substantial.” ~ Laurence K. of California

"The work I did with Marci was transformational. It allowed me to get clarity around what I want and need and to develop actionable steps to take to move towards my goals, which was empowering and gratifying. It also created accountability to check in with myself about how I was spending my time. I continue to practice living a more happy, fulfilling life." ~ Andrea G. of Washington, DC

"Marci clearly has a gift and shared with me findings that have been under the surface of my consciousness for a long time.  It's very powerful to hear her insights." ~ Jennifer S. of Arlington, VA