Love Letters: Hear My Pause

Dear Beloved.  One who is so loved,

Know that everything has a purpose. 

The perfect plans that you created...I have better ones.  The laughs that you hoped for, I will send you in bountiful quantities.  Overflowing your cup that you will burst with joy.  Oh dear one, know that everything has a purpose.

The days that feel dark and like you've taken three steps back, I have moved you five....forward.  The moments where your questions buzz in your head a splendor, I am here, whispering "hear my pause."  The morning you planned an early get start, your body aching, is my gift of reflection.  Know, that everything, has a purpose.

Life is not a straight line.  Success is not a single jaunt.  Learning requires jumps for joy and stubs of toes. Know that everything has a purpose.

In the moments when you doubt, don't.  In the moments when you fear, feel love.  In the moments that you question your entire path, abilities, talents, be certain that there is no other like you.  Know, that everything has a purpose.

In this resting, find solstice.  In the confusion, find clarity.  In the silence, find your voice.  In your loneliness, find that you are never alone.  Know that everything has a purpose.

Free yourself from the illusion that pause is a problem.  That slowing down is a limitation.  That retreating is loosing momentum.  Because when you do, dear one who is so loved, you will absolutely, positively know...that everything has a purpose.