You Are Psychic

If someone had told me years ago that I was psychic I would have absolutely laughed it off.  In fact I did when a close friend with special abilities told me that I had them too.  Ha. That’s funny, I thought.  

Now I believe...get this...everyone is psychic to some degree.  Yes.  You.  Even you reading this.  Stick with me, because as I mentioned in last week’s post about the crown chakra (you can read it HERE), if you’re reading’s not an accident.  So keep on reading, even if you feel yourself saying “yeah right” about your own psychic abilities.

Being psychic is not about fortune telling.  It’s about opening ourselves up to listening to the messages of the Universe that are designed to make us thrive.

Is fortune telling cool?  Sure!  But I think for many of us, we get caught up in our ideas of what being psychic is and then miss it’s greater purpose to simply guide us to our best life.  

The Universe, guides, loved ones who have since passed on from this life, angels, energy, all the stuff, absolutely wants us to thrive and is constantly bringing us messages.  But most of the time, we are so busy being in our head, that clues to how we could live our best life zoom on by unnoticed.  

The first time I knew I might be psychic was while I was sitting in a workshop at a local yoga studio.  I heard a wonderful healer was coming through town and decided to see what I could learn from her.  I went hoping I wouldn’t embarrass myself knowing that there would be a lot of senior yoga teachers there and advanced practitioners.  When she asked the question, “who in here is clairvoyant,” I wanted to shrink into a corner thinking, oh great.  The gig’s up.  Everyone is going to tell spectacular tales about their amazing gifts and there I am, plain, ordinary, unassuming, and totally clueless.  

Then she invited to us to stay open to the possibility that we might be clairvoyant (cue “are you kidding me?!”) and started listing each of the “clairs” or types of psychic abilities.  She asked us to raise our hands if we ever had any experiences that matched each of these different gifts related to the five senses and beyond.  Of course I metaphorically slumped lower in the insides of my skin thinking, now I’ll REALLY be humiliated because clearly I’ll raise my hand for none of these.  Just further drilling in my lack of gifts.  But then something crazy happened.  And I mean crazy.  Every single “clair” she went through and asked questions for, I, baffled, confused...perplexed, reluctantly raised my hand.  Every.  Single.  One.  And the end of the list I felt myself red in embarrassment, the room spinning, breaking out in a cold sweat, and suddenly I wanted to rush out of the room for an entirely different reason than I was expecting.  

There I was, staring in disbelief, jaw on the floor, eyes wide open, people staring back at me.  Now what?!  I thought.  The rest of the workshop honestly, was a total blur.  I don’t remember anything we spoke about after that because I was just too flipping shocked to receive any other information.  Me...physic?  HOW?

After the workshop was over, sensing that I was still reeling in confusion, she came over to me nodding to say  “yes, Marci.  It’s true.”  This was the turning point for me that forever changed the way I experienced reality.  The overactive imagination I thought I had turned out to be an extraordinary gift to receive visions.  The weird wafts of smelling my friends and loved ones when they were not in the room, same country, or same state, became a unique gift to connect with others.  The overwhelming way I felt everyone’s emotions, physical pains, and nuanced feelings was a gift of understanding.  

If I’m being honest, I’m still, year’s later, reeling from this workshop because I still somedays cannot believe what we as humans are capable of...if we’re open to it.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m absolutely certain you’re psychic.  Like I said, not in the fortune telling way, although that’s cool, but in the, you are absolutely receiving information from the Universe to help you thrive kinda way.  And you’re probably as clueless as I was.  Maybe you think you have an overactive mind.  An overly sensitive nervous system.  An annoying ability to empathize with others.  It’s all annoying, or perhaps, spectacular depending on how you look at it.

Why am I talking about psychic abilities?  Because this week we’re explore the sixth chakra, the third eye.  If you missed last week’s exploration of the seventh crown chakra, check it out HERE, then come back and read on.  

Your third eye, is located at the center of your brain, behind your forehead.  It’s said, to be the physic telescope of your mind.  The natural psychic abilities we all have to clearly see through reality. To communicate and receive communications beyond the basic human realm.  And to receive guidance from above to help us live our best life.  Most of us, block this natural ability by thinking WAY too much.  Those of us who are naturally gifted with intelligence struggle the most.  Filling our mind space with worrying, over analysis, and compulsive thinking.  This blocks our energy in this special energy center, can mess with our seventh chakra which is a connection to the Divine, something Greater than ourselves, and ultimately makes us tired.  If you’re getting a lot of headaches, feeling dizzy, or exhausted, the first thing I’d do is check in with yourself and notice, am I overthinking?  

This magic epicenter helps us envision our future, dream up our wildest dreams, feel what a desired future and present can feel like, and tune into a deeper knowing than the calculous of our mind.  

In essence, the third eye chakra invites us to:

Think less, listen internally more.

Spend time in silence, every day.

Trust felt knowings we have that are unexplainable.

Consider that our imagination might be in fact intuition.

Transcend our old thought patterns that hold us back.

Get curious about the dreamtime (both dreams when we sleep and visions when we are awake)

Ask for guidance when we need support.

See through our perceptions that cloud our reality.

For this week’s Joy Tip, I’m inviting you to start connecting with your psychic abilities in your third chakra.  Here’s how:

Schedule 5 minutes of silence minimum every single day.  Spend time in total silence.  I mean doing nothing.  Don’t block out your thoughts, just sit down with the intention to listen rather than think.

Brain dump your thoughts onto paper often.  It’s likely that your brain is VERY cluttered right now.  Spend time handwriting your thoughts out onto the pages of a notebook before starting a task you want inspiration for allows you to clean your internal house to make space for the new.

Get curious about the information you are receiving.  Were you on a walk to work and had an image of a butterfly floating around in your mind the entire time?  Look up the meaning of a butterfly and see what wisdom seems to stand out to you as true in what you read.  Are you suddenly feeling sad, but cannot find the source for it?  Notice whether someone around you is sad and your system is picking up on their emotion and not your own.

Be open to the idea that you are psychic.  Trust me, I know it sounds crazy because it always sounded crazy to me.  But here I am, telling you the same thing that many people told me for a long time.  And guess what, I really believe it.  I mean really.  These abilities hidden in our human experience are the absolute best compass and guidance system that you can plug into.  Drop your ideas of tarot card readings, psychic 1-800 call lines, and fortune tellers.  I’m inviting you to something deeper.  To your own sense of knowing that’s already very deep inside of you.  It’s just waiting for you to pick up the phone.  Will you?

Much love,


PS.  If you’re inner ears are now perked up about your own psychic abilities, you’d love my transformational course on practical intuition development: Intuition 101.  You can learn more here.