7 Signs 2018 is Your Year of Mastery

Your soul wanted to evolve and so it did.  Your evolution was not….what you expected.

2018 is a year of mastery for many of us.  A year where we have been pushed way past our edge, out of our comfort zone, and into the unknown.  The surprising entry and experience of 2018 has one essential purpose in mind. This year of mastery is inviting us to grow...a lot.  

In a mastery year we are asked to tackle some of our biggest fears, our greatest challenges, wounds, experience self trust and self love in a new way, own parts of ourselves that we alienate, and to swim in a lot of discomfort.  Of course we are invited into learning and expansion every year. However, mastery years are special because they are designed to accelerate our growth in an exceptional way.

I started recognizing that this year was a special year when I tuned to Spirit one morning reflecting on my client work.  2018 has been a very busy year and I’ve seen more people than ever go through fundamental changes, questioning, feelings, and confusion.  I’ve heard my clients and friends describe this year as “tough, confusing, intense, epic, overwhelming, huge, transformative, game changing, and really hard.”  As I started holding the client work I have been supporting over the last 12 months with my own really hard experiences I immediately understood many of us REALLY want to rapidly expand at a soul level.  The way we expand greatly and fast is through well...very challenging times.

Here are some signs that 2018 has been a year of mastery (think big learning) for you:

1.  You felt a lot of big feelings.  In fact you’ve been feeling so much, you have felt more than you've ever felt before.  Waves of grief, shame, rage, sadness, frustration, overwhelm have visited you and key characteristics of some of your experience this year.

2.  You feel like 2018 threw you a lot of curve balls that shook you to your core.  Unexpected turns and twists became part of the regular fabric of this year rather than a single event amidst a sea of calm which may be typical of years past.  

3.  You questioned everything.  Your job, yourself, your partner, your path, your purpose.  You name it, you questioned it.

4.  Your past came back to haunt you.  Maybe it was unhealed or hidden trauma that rose up to be seen.  Maybe it was an unresolved relationship that circled back into your life.  Or an old job you left that came up with a new offer. The past came to visit and wanted to be known.

5.  You swam in a lot of confusion and the unknown.  The Universe was keeping her cards close this year and there were times where you felt like you were walking in the dark.  Where is all of this leading me anywhere you wondered...often.

6.  Some parts of your life or identity ended.  Relationships, jobs, an old way of relating to your family, an outdated way of seeing yourself.  Foundational changes rolled into your life this year.

7.  You realized you are stronger than you ever imagined.  No, but really… Amidst the chaos, the ups and down, the uncertainty, at points along the way you stopped and wondered, how you were making it through, and then...you did!

If you find yourself sighing in relief that someone else has had “one of those years” after reading these signs you can be confident that you, are in a year of mastery.  So now what?!

Well, if you went through big stuff and your soul wanted to expand, It's important to close out the year with potent intention.  Many of us get swept up in the holiday rush and miss the potency of this time of year. As nature goes inward in winter, we are also invited to connect inside and cocoon with the fruits of the year.  Rather than tuning in and coming into clarity with what we have learned, we often fall into the trap of moving onto the next thing...2019 intentions.

When we move forward with setting intentions without getting clear on what we are completing we accidentally:

  • Repeat and recreate the past.  Think relationships, jobs, people, and scenarios that are familiar that you were sure you “got rid of.”

  • Read our intuitive knowing through the lens of the past rather than the lens of the present.

  • Secretly carry old bits of the past that inhibit us from allowing in the new and wonder why habits, patterns, and areas in our life are so difficult to shift.

A mastery year is the kind of year that cleans house in our being because...something new wants to come in.  In other words, 2018 is about clearing what no longer serves us and 2019 is about new possible growth.

And so, in order to “master” what we just have walked through, 2018 invites us to collect the lessons we have learned, to recognize what we are letting go of, to resolve the remaining bits of the old that are hanging on that are ready to release, and to honor the sacred change that we have experienced and co-created.  

2019 is a year of “the new” following a year of learning, healing, cleansing, and letting go.

In order for the Universe to bring in the new, we need to do our co-creating part of coming into completion with what 2018 has taught us.  We need...sacred completion.

I have designed a sacred completion process to empower those of us who have gone through a year of mastery to:

  • Learn the lessons our soul set out to learn in 2018.

  • Get clear on what we are ready to let go of, release, and be complete with.

  • Identify areas where sticky energy remains and is stopping the release of the old ahead of 2019.

  • Honor in sacred ritual the old parts of ourselves and our lives that served us well and are ready to be complete before 2019 ushers in the new.

This process includes:

  • A mini online course with journal prompts to spark deep clarity.

  • A private 45 minute 1:1 session with me to empower you to get complete with 2018 and design a personalized sacred ritual together to honor the year.

  • Post-session and ritual practices to seal 2018 with intention and pave the way for 2019.

Through a process of supported sacred ritual and reflection you will:

  • Enter 2019 with clarity and an open mind to receive what is in your Highest Good in the year ahead.

  • A sense of lightness after tying up loose ends in different areas of your life and being.

  • Align yourself with intuitive guidance for the year ahead.

Sessions will be scheduled during the weeks of December 10th, 17th, and January 7th and 14th. Spaces are limited and enrollment for this opportunity will close Friday, December 14th or sooner if all spots are filled.

If you aren’t joining me for the sacred completion journey consider:

  • What would shift in your relationship to 2018 if the year was entirely about master level learning for your soul’s expansion and Highest Good?

  • How what do you need to feel complete about what unfolded in 2018 before you cross the threshold of 2019?

Much love,