5 Signs You're Secretly Psychic

Many people are powerfully psychic and have no clue.  MANY.

Movies and television present psychics as otherworldly fantasy characters (highly interesting, but they don’t feel real) or as fortune tellers (who often seem a bit out of touch...crazy).  

I believe everyone is psychic to some degree.  Some of us are more tapped into our psychic abilities than others.  Our current psychic awareness is based on a combination of societal and karmic conditions like past lives and what we are taught about psychics growing up.  

For a long time, I was what I would call a confident skeptic.  

When I thought of the word psychic, I imagined a saintlike person with exceptionally rare gifts, or a scam artist with a 1-800 number, a crystal ball, mental slides of hand, and smoke machines.   

So I was surprised when a close friend with psychic abilities told me I was psychic too.  I had no clue. In the years that followed as my teachers, mentors, and healers each concluded I was psychic, I felt terrified.  Would I be viewed as a tin hat wearing woman with a neon sign that you avoid on the street corner?

Being Psychic Doesn’t Have To Include Tin Hats

I now identify as being psychic and spoiler alert: I don’t wear tin hats.

Being psychic is not as unusual nor as scary as we’re taught.  Rather, if we allow it, being psychic can be as normal as drinking water on a daily basis.

So, what does it mean to be psychic?  

Being psychic means experiencing the five senses in an unexplainable heightened way.  People who identify as empaths or highly sensitive may experience psychic abilities without the understanding to connect their sensitivity to extrasensory perception.  In other words, being surprisingly psychic means experiencing life with the volume dial set to 100 and no owner’s manual in sight.

Being psychic is about embracing the profound, undeniable signs, synchronicities and experiential encounters nudging us towards our best life.

When we narrowly focus on the popular culture projections of what being psychic is, we miss the opportunity to listen and be guided through these sensitive experiences.

How do you know if you are psychic?

Let me show you.  

You can be confident you are secretly psychic if:

1.  You Know things without knowing HOW you Know them.  

In other words, your hunches are often right.  You seem to know things about everyday life before they happen.  For example, you know when someone will cancel their plans with you at the last minute, when someone is going to merge in your lane even without a turn signal, when unexpected traffic jams may occur, where a free parking spot is on a crowded street, and that your favorite bakery will have those rare summer special cupcakes that you crave.   

Other times you know the answers to bigger questions like when the guy you or your friend are dating is lying and later receive evidence to prove your knowing to be true.  Or when a big life moment is happening for a loved one like getting engaged, pregnant, giving birth, or dying.

You can’t figure out how you know what you know.  You just Know truths.

2. Your dreams become real life.

Your dreams don’t just stop when you wake up.  In your waking life you notice that what shows up in your dreamtime is a premonition of the future, provides previously unknown information about the present, or clarity about the past.  You meet spirit guides in the dreamtime whose guidance is precisely the next step you need to take in your waking life. Strangers you meet in dreams become people you meet in “real” life and dejavu is absolutely a thing for you.

3. You have an extremely active imagination.  

You could be a professional daydreamer.  You can see the future in vivid detail when you imagine it.  From the colors in the sky to the pattern on your sweater. When you are idle in traffic, on the subway, or in the grocery aisle, your mind is commonly in the clouds somewhere else playing out images like a movie in your mind.  You can easily imagine alternative realities, scenarios, solutions, or replay a moment in precise detail. In other words, your imagination is part picturesque whimsy and photographic memory.

4. Traditional meditation is hard for you.

Classic meditation instructions to watch your thoughts, ignore them, or empty your mind are extremely difficult and make you frustrated.  For some reason, your mind seems to be extremely active even including random images like that wolf you keep imagining on the hill. Each time you sit down to meditate, you reach a point where you finally just give up and decide you are “bad” at meditating.  Sitting with your own thoughts is like sitting with a reel of many movies, some familiar and some foreign. If you let it, your active imagination can take you to vivid scenarios that entice your attention.

5.  You always know when someone is upset without them telling you.

You sense a bad mood from a mile away.  Feeling it in your own body as if it is your own.  You always know when someone is angry, frustrated, heartbroken, or saddened.  You’ve been known to cry when a friend wants to cry and cannot. Whether its a stranger on the bus next to you or your partner, you feel another’s emotions before they name them.  This makes for uncomfortable moments at times when you know someone is not ok even when they insist they are.

In Conclusion...You’re Psychic

If any of these signs above have you saying “yes,” I’m here to say you are psychic and now you have a clue.  

This is exciting news because everyday we receive messages from the Universe that are designed to make us thrive.  The fastest way I was able to learn how to receive these messages with my psychic gifts was with the support of coaches, mentors, and healers.  

Ready to learn how to use your newfound powers?  I’d love to help! Check out my transformational course on practical intuition development: Intuition 101 HERE.

much love,