Joy Tip Wednesday: Feel The Vibration

This week I’m getting woo-woo on you, but with important reason because I’m about to share the most important lesson I’ve re-learned and re-affirmed again recently.  

You know how when you are in a funk it seems like nothing can go your way?  You feel off.  Your mind keeps replaying the stories you wish would leave you.  And somehow you find your internal gear system stuck in one gear. 

Other times, you’re on your game.  Everything seems to be easy.  Even the challenges.  You ride the waves, big and small.  You smile more.  You feel amazing and your mind somehow gets that there is so much to be grateful for.  So much going right in the game of life.  

You’re feeling vibration.  The internal frequency that your energy system is humming to.  When your vibration is aligned with expansive energy like love and joy, everything moves smoothly.  And when you’re aligned with frustration, everything gets sticky.  

These beautiful teachers called Abraham teach the Law of Attraction.  It is the understanding that you attract what your vibrational frequency is set to.  If you set your internal frequency to joy, you attract more joy.  If you set your internal frequency to confusion, you attract more confusion.  My teacher Sri Dharma Mittra explains that your thoughts are like a magnet and attract energy.  Where your mind goes, the energy follows.  Whatever you point your mind to, you energize.  And the Buddha taught that so you think, so you become.  So while it may be woo woo, a whole lotta amazing souls alive and dead have talked about what I would call internal vibration and how it impacts us.  And I’m here to say, paying attention to my vibrational frequency is the most important daily practice I’ve recently restarted.  

I’ve been going through a rough patch.  2016 has been kicking me to the curb and it has me at times feeling exhausted.  I’ve had cruddy mindset moments, I’ve lost hope at times, and I’ve even lost my way.  When I was feeling like enough was enough I took time to reflect on why 2015 was so splendidly amazing.  There was one difference:  internal housekeeping and vibration management.  

Here’s what I noticed.  In 2015, regardless of what was happening, I was dedicated to cultivating one feeling…joy.  My whole life was oriented around feeling joy.  And while into 2016 some of the practices that help me connect to joy continued, the simple intention to FEEL Joy was lost along the way.  Almost assumed and hidden.  And when something moves from center stage to the back, dynamics on stage inevitably change. 

When I connect with the feeling of joy all of the cells in my Being join in a symphony of joy.  This is pretty amazing because first it means I feel awesome.  Second, it means that who I’m BEING (how I’m showing up) is fundamentally different.  And when I’m BEING someone different I can DO differently.  That’s how the vibration your cultivating manifests into your reality.  Feeling - > Being - > Doing.

Who you’re “being” will dictate what you do.  But sometimes you need to “do” in service of bringing yourself to who you need to “be.”  And this is the magic of vibration management.

How did I get back to what I would call vibration management?  I started with internal housekeeping.  Internal being my mind.  I had to take a hard and honest look at what had me feeling off.  What stories was I telling myself?  What beliefs was I buying into?  Where was I playing victim?  Where was I focusing on what is wrong versus right?  Many of my joy tips focus on different elements of internal housekeeping and these are practices I regularly do.  But with internal housekeeping I must recognize that they are in service of the intention of keeping my vibration as high as possible.  Humming in the frequency of joy and love, forever and always.  

Mindset and intention are everything.  When you do internal housekeeping to keep your mindset in a positive space and set your intention to the feeling you’re cultivating, your vibrational frequency changes.  

When my vibration is high, I remember the “why” in the my work to empower and heal as many people as possible.  I am more present with my students and my clients.  I have more fun in the most mundane circumstances.  I love more and often.  I’m grateful easily.  And I appreciate always.  I’m more productive and focused.  I stay connected with my purpose.  And I feel grounded in the deepest depth of my being.  Everything is easy…even when it’s not.  

When my vibration is low, I forget the “why” in my work.  I struggle with presence.  My mind is overactive with stories that disturb ordinary moments and sacred moments in my meditation alike.  I’m scatter brained.  I lack motivation.  I take longer to do EVERYTHING.  I feel completely ungrounded.  I’m easily distracted and irritated.  I get sick.  And everything feels so hard…even when it’s not.  Get me?  

Vibration management is so important that for this week’s Joy Tip Wednesday we are going to focus on tuning the radio station of your mind to the highest frequency of your heart…joy/love.  Here’s how:

  • Make your single intention ever day to simply focus on where your vibration is. This is your central daily practice.  
  • Notice:  When it’s low, when it’s high. And most of all what it FEELS like. This is your key clue.  Does life feel hard or easy?  If you’re answer is hard, your frequency is low.  Anam Thubten teaches that when we shine the light of awareness on the shadowy parts of ourselves…our neurosis, this awareness starts to dissolve the very darkness we want to turn away from.  
  • Don’t fight what you find.  Just notice it.  
  • If you find you’re vibration is low, do some internal housekeeping practices to bring your mind to a higher frequency.  You can make a quick go to list of 5-10 things you can draw from by completing this sentence:  I feel joyful when…  I like to remember something that evokes love and joy for me.  My “go to” is Odi my parrot.  Who with a single memory starts to fundamentally start shifting my focus from feeling off, to feeling on. 

I can’t say this enough.  Awareness is everything.  Far more powerful than you realize.  Often with the simple awareness that I feel off, I start to shift my internal frequency.   

The wonderful Gabby Bernstein recently shared in a workshop that Abraham-Hicks teaches when we spend 17 seconds on a thought, it puts that thought into motion.  What if you spent 17 + seconds on shifting your vibration when you notice you feel off?  Shifting the small ocean of a being inside of you of to join a bigger Ocean of Joy.  

Even if you’re feeling skeptical, do me and yourself a favor and try this practice for the next seven days.  I was the biggest critic of all and became the biggest believer.  Twice now.  Once in 2014/2015 and now again in 2016.  When I simply manage my internal vibration, the magic Mystery of Life always has my back because you know what?  

When I’m vibrating with love and joy…I trust.  I have faith.  And in the place of faith, I am heart wide open to possibilities.  And in those moments I recognize just how miraculous life is.  

I leave you with a beautiful short prose from Rumi who’s been gracing my heart every night before I sleep.  I used to read him every night before bed and then one day I stopped.  I realized how much his writings stir me into Divine Love like nothing else and renewed my nightly vow to reading him.  And ever since, I’ve slept blissfully sure that Life is as magic as the words on his pages.

“I open and fill with love and what is not love evaporates.” ~ Rumi

much love,