Why darkness is hard

l want to dive deep with you and explore a very scary topic for many of us...darkness.  

Remember last week I talked about magic in a tub and questions I wanted to share?  Let's go back there.  In case you missed it, HERE is the conversation I started about having intuitive aha's in my bathtub one afternoon and exploring fierce self-love. 

Have you heard the term light worker?  I didn't know what to think of it when I first heard it years ago.  It's become a popular word, label, and title at the intersection of personal growth and spirituality.  Rebecca Campbell (a described light worker and writer of some beautiful books, you might like!) defines it as "someone who devotes their life to being a bright light in the world.  They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet."  In some ways, when I think about what I'm doing with my life I think YES, I can get behind this.  AND I believe a lot of the "lightworker" world misses one of the most essential elements to growth...the shadow.  The darkness inside of us that at times feels easier to step over, ignore, or "outshine."  By darkness I mean our own shadow, aspects of yourself that were unconscious before and create challenges, pain, and discomfort for you and others at times. Seeing what you didn’t see before or don’t want to see....yeah that! :)

Here's the thing, 

I absolutely believe increasing the light in us increases the vibration of our planet AND I don't believe we can raise our vibration without walking through the dark. 

Diving into our darkness is where the deepest wisdom, answers, and  keys to our freedom reside.  Much of the way that Western religion and New Age spirituality has been interpreted at times misses a relationship with darkness and keeps people stuck.  Because people are taught to:

  • Fear their darkness.
  • Deny their darkness.
  • Ignore their darkness.
  • Pretend their darkness is gone & healed when its not.
  • Explain away their darkness.

Back to the bathtub.  As I'm sitting in the water tuning into what the Universe is asking of me next I pull a card that reads: DARKNESS.  I smile to myself.  Yes.  Darkness indeed. 

I'm here to empower people to recall their light AND step into their darkness. I'm a shadow AND light work. 

A guide of the two realms and a bridge of the in-between.  And so, as I sat there exploring what the Universe was asking me to dance with darkness the following question came to my heart:

What feels hardest about being with your own darkness?  

Just like last week, I turned to my Facebook fam to gather their perspective to add to my own.  Here's what we came up with so far:

  • Grappling with whether I will ever change.
  • Accepting that others may not accept my darkness.
  • The blessing to see that only I can change and the burden to change.
  • Choosing to see my darkness as an opportunity for growth rather than a weapon for shame.
  • Knowing I judge other people for the same darkness in myself.
  • Perspective to see my darkness in the first place!  I'm too close to my own self to see it sometimes.
  • When I allow my darkness to reign in an obsessive loop.
  • Seeing how to create change rather than wallow in what I now clearly see.

What do you think?  What's missing in the list for you?  Do you resonate with what we've come up with so far?  Do you feel relief in seeing others struggling with their darkness too?  

For this week's Joy Tip, reflect on what feels hardest for you to face your darkness and comment below to share your thoughts.  Let's start a conversation on an often "taboo" topic.  

The more we call out what we haven't called out before, the more we take our power back from the unconscious.  So call back some power by taking a moment to reflect and let me know what feels hard. 

In the meantime, get ready for the next question to reflect on in the coming days.  I'm having fun with these, are you?!

If you're ready to do some shadow AND light work, let's talk!  I have space for just four free discovery calls over the next week.  You can schedule with me HERE.  

much love,