Healing at a cellular level

Healing at a cellular level is possible...and it happened to me.

I recently received miraculous news.  My gynecologist she told me that for the first time since age 11, she saw no signs of endometriosis and ovarian cysts in either of my two wombs or ovaries.  (Yes I have two! :))

I cried.  In relief.  In release.  In gratitude.  In awe.

"Thank you" I said.  "This is your work Marci," she said.  "THIS...is because of all of the work YOU have done."  

She told me how proud she is of me and how much I've transformed my life.  She asked me for my business card to refer her patients to me.  And she told me that she believed in me, my work, and my mission because after decades of being an OBGYN, she is convinced that gynecological diseases with some rare exceptions to genetics, are emotional/spiritual challenges seeking healing.  I couldn't agree more.  

How did I heal this central vessel of my creativity, femininity, and life?  Courage, consistency, patience, a willingness to dive deep, and most of all...to let it be messy.  

I won't lie.  The journey to heal my wombs has not been easy.  AND every step has been worth it.      

There were times along the way I wanted to give up.  There were moments where I was really tired.  There were days when I thought I'd never break through to the other side.  And I kept going anyways.  

  • I showed up on my meditation cushion even when I wanted to hide.

  • I went to the painful scary places I feared the most in my past.

  • I held myself through the PTSD shivers, nightmares, and retriggering.

  • I acknowledged the traumas, the history from this life time and past, and the unhealed ancestral baggage wounding living in my cells.

As I kept going, year after year, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, I saw shifts.  Sometimes they were dramatic.  Often they were subtle and slow.  But I paid attention.  I took note.  I celebrated the small stuff.  And I reveled in the big.  In the end, I just kept showing up to myself no, matter, what.

Over the past six years I've had the honor to guide others through their own mind-body-spirit healing journeys as I continue my own.  Here are a few of the reoccurring lessons I've learned:

  • The body is literal.  Have a sore throat?  What truth are you holding back or struggling to say?  Have a headache?  How are you overthinking things?  Struggling with an immune deficiency?  How do you struggle to create boundaries in your life?  While other factors can come into play like genetics and exposure to bacteria, often times the first place to look is whether your symptom is a literal reflection of a deeper message.

  • Symptoms in the body are often a desperate cry from the soul.  When we start to experience imbalances, disease, and discomfort in the body and can't quite see why, we can ask, is our soul calling our attention?  And are we listening to our own inner voice?  If we've been having a hunch or perhaps a clear sense of something not working, but not taking action, the body can be the soul's next line of communication when we don't pick up on the subtle.  

  • Honesty heals.  Most of the time the person we struggle to be honest with the most is...ourselves.  Once we get over that hurdle, we open up to the possibility to be honest with others.  I'm not referring to moving from a pathological liar to finally telling the truth.  I'm pointing to the kind of struggle with honesty we have in the seat of denial and avoidance.  Whether it's about the life path that is calling you but feel too scared to try, or if a relationship is aligned and here of your highest good, or about the way your past wounding is impacting the present...honesty is our greatest ally to freedom.  Even when it's difficult. 

  • Transformation comes despite fear as a companion.  In other words, I've never met a person creating big changes in their life completely free from fear.  Fear is always there.  The question is, what role do we give fear?  Can we move forward despite our fears?  Can we give more weight to the inner voice inside of us that lovingly guides us even as fear screams?  

  • Living in alignment with our truth heals every part of us.  Alignment is born when we listen to and respond to our soul's messages.  The anxiety we harbor can start to soften.  The fears that yell at us no longer get to lead.  As our mind starts to link more closely with our soul, the body miraculously follows.  And over time...imbalances, illness, and disease can lessen...maybe even cease.

I'm still deep in my own healing process exploring and releasing the layers of complex chronic illness affecting my immune system.  So far, I know this is deeply connected to a long history of boundary violations, struggles, and learning.  Rather than judge these links, or tell myself I'm doing something wrong, I lovingly explore what choices might be aligned each step of the way and do my best to honor them.  Sometimes that is easy, often these steps are hard. Always, this slow realignment process is worth it.  And as I look back I see that step-by-step my body is getting healthier, happier, and thriving.  I am feeling more myself.

This has been my journey.  This is my journey.  This will be my journey.  

Ready to explore your mind-body-soul's messages and how to live in more soul alignment? 

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much love,