Let go of perfect

We need to talk.  I've been in a lot of conversations with clients, potential clients, and some of you by e-mail lately about the same challenge...perfection.

I know this is easier said than done, but I really want you to hear me out.  Please! Let go of perfect.

Let go of waiting to start dating when you meet someone that matches every checkmark of your ideal partner list.

Let go of needing your finances to be perfectly aligned before pursuing a dream.  

Let go of comparing the person you love to the idea of someone you might meet.

Let go of schedules aligning just right to see your dear friend or the therapist/doctor/coach/healer/acupuncturist/younameit that you’ve been wanting to schedule with.

Let go of zero doubt to decide.

Let go of how it will end before moving forward.

Let go of unreachable bars of time, space, money, and energy that you’re waiting to arrive before you go.  

Please dear one let go of perfect.  

Please do be responsible.  Do be thoughtful. Do be mindful.  And after tending to being conscious like I know you are, decide, change, go, step.  

One of the greatest ways I see sensitive souls become paralyzed in their life is by holding on consciously or unconsciously to perfect. 

I see this happen in our relationships, our jobs, our schedules, our self care, our creative projects, our self image, our body, our thinking, our conversations.  You name it, a conscientious sensitive soul will try to perfect it.

I get it.  I still try to prefect things all the time. And then have to remind myself to let go and move forward anyways.  “Let it be messy,” I'll say.

Whatever you’re waiting on perfect for today, please don’t.  If you’re juggling a couple choices, just decide. Choose...anything.  If the doubt is still spinning I recommend you assign two choices to two sides of a coin and flip the coin and go with what the result is.  I’m completely serious. If you have more than two choices, get a deck of cards and assign a choice to different cards, shuffle those cards and pull one.  Go with that. Again the goal is to choose something.

The Buddha taught that doubt is one of the greatest hindrances of the mind to awakening and consciousness.  He identified five hindrances. This means that doubt is one of the top five factors that can keep you stuck.  We all know that when we are spinning in doubt, more analysis NEVER gets us to an answer and so we always end up at the same point -- we must simply decide.  

If the thing you happen to be waiting for everything to be perfect with is to join my upcoming course The Thriving Sensitive, please don’t wait. 

The greatest decision you can make is to commit to yourself, to your thriving, to your inner work, to your healing, to your wholeness DESPITE the messiness, misalignments, and the mishaps.  You can sign up HERE.

And if you are needing a baby step choice towards this commitment, join me for my live masterclass “how to thrive as a sensitive person” on Thursday, June 20th at 7 pm ET HERE.  

I don’t believe in coincidences so if you are reading this today, there is some reason you are being nudged to let go of perfect in your life.

Sensitive souls find their stride when they move forward in the mess.  When they decide despite the circling threads of doubt. And when they embrace healthy imperfections.  

So, what can you let go of perfect with today?  

much love,


PS:  Registration for The Thriving Sensitive closes Friday, June 20th.  You can sign up and learn more HERE.