Joy Tip Wednesday: Invitations for the New Year

Happy holidays! It's that special time of year where many of us set intentions, feel inspired to chart a new course of our lives, recommit or newly commit ourselves to different areas of our lives, and turn within.  This week I completed a solstice ritual I've been doing over the last year of sitting in reflection during each solstice to decide what I feel ready to let go of, ready to invite in, and consider some actions that might start charting this new course.  Read my reflection earlier this week about this powerful ritual to get you started as the initial part one of this week's Joy Tip.

Now to action.  Once you are clear about what you want to let go of and what you are ready to invite into your life, it's time to start exploring how you can put this into action.  There are endless ways one could put some of this new found awareness into action.  The first step is burning this commitment into your awareness.  Below are some of my favorite ways to do that:

Create a "mantra," a saying, that sums of what you are looking to cultivate and invite into your life.  Spend time connecting with it every day.

Write down what you are ready to let go of on a piece of paper and create a special alter with objects that remind you of this renewal.  Meditate on it every day for the remainder of the month.  Burn or bury the piece of paper with things you are letting go of when you are done.  I've done quite a few burning rituals over the last several solstices and find them very gratifying.

Consider what is the essence of what you are inviting into your life for cultivation and write a word that reminds you of that.  Post it next to your computer, office, mirror, bedside table.  Some place that will keep you mentally connected to it. 

Choose a song or create an entire playlist that is connected with your new found focus for 2016 and dance your heart out to it every day.

Put a reminder on your calendar once a day as an appointment to reconnect and reflect on your new course for your life.

Create a way to commemorate what you are inviting in for 2016 by creating a new alter with sacred objects, symbols, or painting, drawing, writing a poem.  Anything that gets your creative juices flowing and connecting to your authenticity of expression.

Next, translate your awareness into doing.  Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose one of the statements, essence's, areas, you are inviting into your life.  For example, perhaps I choose inviting in the knowledge that I am powerful.
  2. Ask yourself, what step could I take today to embody this new cultivation and choose a step to commit to taking today.  If I'm stepping further into my power and I know that what I need most today is some time alone, perhaps I say "no" to attending an event I'm invited to for recharging time at home reading a book.
  3. Choose one more step to commit to take over the next week.  Perhaps a little more out of your comfort zone.  Taking my earlier example of knowing I am powerful, maybe one way to step out of my comfort zone is to make a request for a need I have in my partnership or workplace.  To step further into my power, I can make a commitment to making my request. 
  4. Be specific.  Make sure your actions are specific actions, link directly to your cultivation, and have a deadline.  This is to keep your mind from weaseling out of following through.
  5. Celebrate your action!  Take a moment to acknowledge the new ground you've tread in cultivating something new for 2016. 

Change comes through consistent, small steps.  And I've come to learn that if you stand committed to yourself, to what you care about, and consciously show up to it every day...huge...big...dreamy change is possible.

I am grateful to spend my days supporting people to make these big, huge, dreamy changes in their lives.  To become empowered to see how they can create and design their own lives.  How they can manage career, relationship, and other personal transitions in their life with courage, strength, grace, and authenticity.  If you are eager to start charting a new course in 2016, I'm excited to say that I am currently taking new one-on-one coaching clients.  At any given time I am working with a handful of clients to give them the best individualized attention I can. 

In 2015, my clients did amazing work in their lives.  I applaud them for:

Transitioning through relationship changes with grace and power. 

Securing competitive promotions and leadership positions in their work.

Leaving their office jobs to open up new businesses and follow their dreams.

Infusing their romantic partnerships with more love, presence, and connection.

Developing impeccable self care to overcome regular feeling overwhelmed and creating more balance.

Exercising their courage to publish powerful blog posts and articles on topics they are passionate about.

Living from their heart center to align with their most authentic self like never before.

If this sounds as exciting to you as it is to me, I'd love to schedule a conversation with you.  In the beginning of 2016 I plan to limit my clientele to four new clients.  I expect these new client spots to fill quickly.  To take advantage of this amazing opportunity to jump start your life in 2016, contact me to schedule a conversation for us to see if coaching and working together will be the best support for you to creating the changes you desire.

In the meantime, have a blast aligning with what you want to cultivate in 2016, letting go of what you are ready to release, and putting some awareness into action.  May you and yours have a blessed holiday season and may it be the beginning of some amazing seed planting for 2016.

much love,


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