Joy Tip Wednesday: Wisdom from the Future

It's Wednesday and usually by now I'm all jazzed up about my Joy Tip.  This week when I reflected on what to share I was met with blankness.  It's not that nothing is going on in my practice, or that I'm not having insights.  I just wasn't clear what I was called to share.  

In fact there is A LOT going on right now in my practice.  Ever since returning from retreat two weeks ago, the Universe has been jam packing me with insights, challenges, and ah ha's.  And boy am I deep in a process right now.  If you didn't read last week's post about trusting in the process, I highly recommend it because it's framing why I'm sharing what I want to explore with you this week.

What came to me is this.  Last week I made a pretty earth shattering decision.  I knew all this discomfort I've been feeling had a big change hanging out underneath it.  That's usually how it goes for me.  I'm not ready to share exactly what the change is going to be (I know you'll love it).  With changes as big as this, I like to keep them in sacred safety and space for a bit.  To sink into my DNA so that when I start to share I am strong enough not to allow other people's fears, contexts, stories, to mix up with mine.  And while I remain in this sacred incubation process, I thought I'd share some of my current process as the unfolding moments of uncertainty and clarity unravel.  

If I'm being honest with myself, this change has been haunting me for a decade.  Yep, you heard me right.  10 years.  And you know what was holding me back from even considering a change?  Fear.  Oh yeah.  That good old friend fear.  So when I was on a call with my coach last week she asked if I'd do one of my favorite practices:  write a letter from my future self to my present self.  Of course I said yes.  I've done this practice before and I've had many of my clients do the same.  And every time what happens when I do it, or I witness others do it, I witness a deep letting go like never before.  We each finally give ourselves permission to tap into the wisdom of the future which ironically is actually more present than our present self.  We tap into the Highest part of ourselves that is no longer wrapped up in our current context and stories.  We connect with pure freedom to be none other than our most authentic selves.

For this week's Joy Tip Wednesday, I want to invite you to write a letter from your future self to your present self.  

It can be about a decision you know you want to make, but have been holding back on because of fear.  Or a goal you are working towards, but feel unsure that you can create.  Or just a deep trust that you know is needed as your own process unfolds messy, pretty, and everything in between.  Whatever it is, choose one decision, choice, step, process and step into the future self that is already in the reality that you desire.  That is already living the dreams you're moving towards.  That is already relishing in the moment you're called to.  Smell this moment.  Taste it.  Feel it with your hands.  Imagine it in detail.  Sometimes I like to sit with this moment and how I am in the future and place my hands on my heart.  From that place of touching the future, get your pen and paper and write a letter from your future self to your present self in June 2016.  Don't edit.  Just write.  Listen deeply to the voice inside and write exactly what comes out.  Write until there is no more writing to do.  

For inspiration and in spirit of continuing to practice more vulnerability and sharing myself, here's an excerpt from my most recent letter to myself:

"Dear Marci,

Life is short.  Since making this change, both Odi and I feel so much more at ease.  We wake up every morning to the simple things in life.  Sunlight.  Fresh air.  We feel free, joyful, softened.  The competition and comparison is lost and I completely trust my gifts.  I wouldn't change a thing.

Change feels scary, but trust yourself.  The dream life you desire is possible.  The ease and rest you're seeking is near.  You naturally connect with anyone and anything.  And you've done this before.  As always, the Universe will naturally pull you to where you're meant to go.  You just have to be clear, ready, and listen for the signs.  

In the ease of the morning, I know there is nothing more sweet than this.  I rest more easily.  I write more often.  I attract the clients I need perfectly.  I have time and money to retreat.  My life feels like the permanent ease of retreat all the time now. 

Be brave.  Trust yourself.  Trust your gifts.  And all will come...


Marci, Summer 2017"

Get ready for some soulful wisdom and to uncover the part of you that always stands by your side.  I find these notes inspiring and I recommend you hand write them.  Then keep them in a journal that you can easily refer to.  Post them on a wall.  Put them somewhere easily accessible so that when you feel scared, lost, worried, you can tap back into the wisdom of yourself that was able to transcend that all.  And keep having meetings with your future self as you read the words of advice on the page.  They can give you hope, pull you through, and remind you why trusting the process is always worth it.

much love,