Joy Tip Wednesday: How to Not Give Up

Joy Tip Wednesday:  How to Not Give Up

Few people would put the words "give up" next to me.  Probably because I'm not a quitter.  But that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't have the urge to just give up.  

Whether it's relationships, a project, a job, or a city where I lived, I've wanted to walk away and give up many times.  To let go of dreams I had.  To let go of principals I care about.  And 2016 is no exception.

Playing Small

Playing Small

Confession time.  I've been playing small lately.  Falling into this pattern that I do to hold myself from breakthroughs, growth, and new horizons in my life.  I go there because it feels safe.  Like a monastery in a forrest and my meditation practice.  Playing safe feels like a cocoon I could stay in forever.  Or at least that's the story my mind tells me.  

Joy Tip Wednesday: The Sticky Middle

Joy Tip Wednesday:  The Sticky Middle

In this addition of Joy Tip Wednesday I'm exploring how I show up for myself in the stickiest of times...the middle.  I've been reading the brilliant work Rising Strong from Brene Brown this past week and she helped me realize something.  I hate middles.  I want them to end.  And my mind wants life to get on already and get over "the middle" of everything.