Playing Small

Playing Small

Confession time.  I've been playing small lately.  Falling into this pattern that I do to hold myself from breakthroughs, growth, and new horizons in my life.  I go there because it feels safe.  Like a monastery in a forrest and my meditation practice.  Playing safe feels like a cocoon I could stay in forever.  Or at least that's the story my mind tells me.  

Joy Tip Wednesday: What Color Are Your Glasses?

Joy Tip Wednesday:  What Color Are Your Glasses?

I've been thinking a lot about attitude these days.  The reflection started when I thought about people I admire, living and dead, who have many, many more years of experience on this plane of existence than me and what they had in common.  The one thing they had in common...a tenacious awareness of the attitude they both cultivated and invested in during their daily lives.